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Kangaroo 9 Stage

Brand : Kangaroo Stand Technology : Reverse Osmosis Delivery : 18 Liter Per hour Membrane : Korea Capacity : 100 GPD Reserve Capacity : 5 G Pressure tank Filtration stage : Nine(09) 1st stage : Sediment (PP) 2nd stage : Carbon (UDF) 3rd stage : Carbon (CTO) 4th stage : RO Membrane 5th stage : Ceramic 6th stage : Alkaline 7th stage : Maifan Rock Mineral 8th stage : Omega 5 in 1 (Hydrogen) 9th stage : Nano Silver Made : Made in Vietnam Free home delivery and installation 1 Years electric parts guarantee

Kangaroo Hot Cold RO Water purifier-Vietnam

Power: 10 liters/hour, ensuring adequate drinking water for your family Power-saving with automatic solenoid valve Automatically wash RO membrane prior

Kangaroo Hydrogen RO Water Purifier

Type: Slim standing type model Numbers of filtering stages: 5 stages Storage capacity: 7 liters Voltage: 220V/50Hz Capacity: 30W Filter capacity: ≥10 liters per hour Input